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Moving In and Moving On

After 5 months of dealing with the real estate market, I am happy to be three-weeks-in living in our new home. Our official move-in date was July 21st. It’s been said that selling and buying a home is one of the hardest, life changes there is. Moving requires strength and a lot of humor to handle all the physical and emotional demands involved. For me it was a roller coaster ride with twists, turns, and sometimes zero gravity! I am grateful this chapter is over!

As crazy as the process was of leaving our home of 17 years, this experience was transformative. I have learned so much about myself, mainly that I am absolutely human and big life changes can trigger my fears and unleash the “ugly” side that I try to keep hidden. Fortunately, I’m still married! My husband and I had a running joke that if we made it through this process without killing each other, we’re good for life! There were plenty of rough points, but we made it through together.

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