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A woman on a pulley swing at Kids' Space Museum

Allowing the kid in me to play whenever I can.


Welcome to Fiery Living! The greatest joy and need in life is meaningful connection. We spend a lifetime cultivating relationships including the most important relationship with our inner being.

Fiery Living will inspire you to strongly connect with the you inside and all the people in your life circle. One of the greatest challenges I experience as a woman, mother, wife, daughter, and friend is clearly defining how to love myself while loving and supporting those I love. I was raised to be a good Mexican-American daughter which meant I was asked to neglect my needs in order to prioritize the needs of the people in my life. I learned to always make others feel supported and happy even if it came at a personal physical and emotional cost.

After years of exhaustion and twisting myself in too many knots, I finally realized that my desire to strongly connect with my inner being and love myself was never in conflict with the love I could share with others. In fact, giving myself the space and time to pursue my passions and find joy brought me greater harmony with others. I happily and energetically began to create deeper, more meaningful connections and you can too!

This is for the FIERY person inside of you that wants to strongly connect with heart and inspiration. This is a loving, diverse, supportive, inclusive, non-judgmental community dedicated to exploring how to create joyful, meaningful connection with ourselves and others. Every week we will share articles, videos, inspirational stories and biographies from diverse voices that will motivate and inspire you. 

I encourage you to subscribe and be inspired by the stories we share. Follow us on social media to add some positivity and lightness to your day. 

Living Brightly,

Jeanette Miura

Thanks for joining Fiery Living!

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