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Life Happens In Between

This morning I am reminded that life is what happens in between. We set goals and then things happen and plans change. We are constantly adjusting and changing to meet the demands of our changing lives and changing worlds. And, it seems to me that those that accept the continuous "in between" of life tend to live more peacefully.

Today I encourage you to take a moment and figure out your "in between" at the present moment. Are you healing after being sick? Do you have a project or goal that has been postponed due to personal issues? Are you feeling overwhelmed by your daily "To Do" list and therefore not "accomplishing" personal goals?

This moment, the "in between" is essential to the development of you as a whole, messy, complex, beautiful human. There are lessons in the "in between" if you stop and listen. Notice where you are right now and tell yourself, "I'm ok right her. There is nothing wrong with where I am right now. I am supposed to be here." The "in between" is life. We are always "in between".

I needed to be reminded that there's nothing wrong with the "in between" this morning because I kept getting stuck in the "this is not supposed to happen". Let go and surrender with me, and have a beautiful weekend.

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