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Create the Life You Want!

We tend to get stuck on the idea that life happens to us, that we are powerless and have only limited control over the future. In reality, you are the creator of your life, every, single aspect of it. You are the one that determines what comes to you and when. You are the one that attracts the "right" or "wrong" people into your life. Having the awareness that you can create the life you want is the first step. Imagining what you want your life to look like is the second. Telling your story they way you wish it to be is next. Do you want a new job? Is there a profession you would like to pursue? Is there a place you would like to visit? Take the time to set clear goals. Write down your intentions. and speak them into the universe. Allow all that you desire to come to you when you believe you are the ultimate creator.

Photo by Jamez Miura

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